Other Noteworthy Contributors to this Project-

Without the help of these knowledgeable Christians, Abby and I would not be able to put together this book.  We’d like to thank the following (in addition to M. Webster):

Mr. Derry Connolly-  President, John Paul the Great Catholic University

Pastor Nathanael Mayhew – Zion Ev. Lutheran Church (www.zionlutheranlawrenceville.com)

Paul D. Nolting, Senior Pastor—Immanuel Ev. Lutheran Church, Mankato, Minnesota

Rev. Sandra Hovatter- Speaker/ Blogger,  www.apprehendinggrace.com

Mrs. Patricia Punt- Owner, The Writing Company

Mr. Phil Stewart- Ph.D Candidate- in Systematic Theology

Mr. John David Long-Garcia- Managing Editor, The Catholic Sun

Mr. Harold Holmyard, Th.D (Dallas Theological Seminary)

…..& a (former) U.S. Catholic Bishop as well

Best regards, and we look forward to a great finished product in the months ahead!

God Bless,

Ken L.


Most Influential Christians Ever- HONORABLE MENTION List-

The following men just missed our Top 20 List, but are still giants in the realm of Christian history:
Brigham Young
Patriarch Michael Cerularius
Pope Benedict XVI
Pope Leo IX
Charles T. Russell
Pastor Rick Warren
Again, our results included all names that were “self-professed Christians”, as its clear that some names voted herein would not be considered “Christian” by others.
A curious Honorable Mention list, for sure, which includes (2) living Christian leaders.
Feel free to comment. Thanks and God Bless,

Ken L.

Just released! Our compilation list of the most influential Christians-

As the first step towards our actual Top 20 and then Top 10 ranking of the Most Influential Christians (since the Apostles), we are listing below ALL of the names that received at least one Top 10 vote by one of our survey respondents.

Please note that the names are all “self-professed” Christians, as many readers will claim that some of these names may not be “true” Christians at all.  In trying to be a little more inclusive, we have allowed these names to be voted on by all.

The resulting list is NOT in any order.  This is not a ranking; it is merely in a random presentation.  Feel free to comment on persons that you would vote for- whether they are on this list or not.  Thank you.

Joseph Smith
 Pope Benedict XVI 
Pope Leo IX
Pope Pius IX
Brigham Young 
Martin Luther 
Charles T. Russell 
Patriarch Michael Cerularius 
King Henry VIII 
Queen Isabella I / King Ferdinand 
Emperor Constantine (of Rome) 
Bishop Gene Robinson 
Cardinal Bernard Law 
Jack Chick 
Mary Baker Eddy
Billy Graham 
Pope Leo X
Pastor Rick Warren 
Pope Paul VI 
A.W. Tozer
A.B. Simpson
J. Hudson Taylor
John Calvin
John/ Charles Wesley
Saint Augustine
Thomas Aquinas
Jacobus Arminius
William Tyndale
J. Sebastian Bach
CS Lewis
Jimmy Swaggart
Charles Spurgeon
Mother Theresa
Pope John Paul II
Cyril of Alexandria
John of Damascus
Theodore the Studite
John Wycliffe
King James 1
Pope Pius V
St. Francis of Assisi
St. Dominic
St. Benedict
Fulton Sheen
Gustavo Gutierrez
Martin Luther King Jr.
Phillips Melancthon
Martin Chemnitz
C.F.W. Walther
Hildegard Von Bingen
St. Jerome
Basil the Great
John Nelson Darby
Pope John XXIII
John Knox
Cornelius  Van Til
Samuel Adams
Roger Williams
John Owens
Samuel Bolton
Nathaniel Vincent
Thomas Watson
William Sprague
Thomas Moore
Peter Marshall

Seeking Comments & Survey-Takers; Share Your Opinion

Our goal is to compile a list of those (self-professed) Christians who most influenced/ most shaped today’s Church.   (Note- We are only concerned with the time frame following the Apostles.)

If you have an opinion on who you believe to be the most influential Christian of this time, please share it with us publicly via this Blog.  As an opinion survey, there are truly no right or wrong answers.

To take this request a step further, if you are someone in a leadership or educational position (priest, pastor, theologian, writer) who would like to fill out our complete written survey on the topic, we would much appreciate your time and opinions.  Please email us at the address below and we will contact you with more information.  Our survey takes roughly 10 minutes to complete, and is done completely via email.  Your responses will effect our final Top 10 and Top 20 historical rankings.

Thank you, and we look forward to a lively discussion in the forthcoming months.

-Abby Matzke, Editor of The Branches Magazine


-Ken Lambert, Contributing Writer for Believers Bay

www.believersbay.com     (kql314@yahoo.com)

Track our results- the most influential Christians (survey and book to follow)

This is the first of numerous updates/ blog posts regarding a pending book titled Christians Who Shaped Today’s Church. We are currently collecting survey responses from a large number of priests, ministers, leaders, teachers, historians, seminary students, and more- from a wide range of denominations. Our breakdown of respondent denominations is roughly in line with today’s actual Christian church family in the U.S.
Who are the Top 10 Most Influential figures in Christian history? The Top 20? Who is #1? The results are intriguing and may surprise some.
In any case, the names are important to acknowledge and to study- for all believing Christians, of all walks.
We hope our pending ranking, and the book, will allow people to learn, discuss, debate, and be inspired.
Please check back often, and if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please feel free to post within.
Thank you, and God Bless,
Ken Lambert & Abby Matzke (Co-authors)

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