Other Noteworthy Contributors to this Project-

Without the help of these knowledgeable Christians, Abby and I would not be able to put together this book.  We’d like to thank the following (in addition to M. Webster):

Mr. Derry Connolly-  President, John Paul the Great Catholic University

Pastor Nathanael Mayhew – Zion Ev. Lutheran Church (www.zionlutheranlawrenceville.com)

Paul D. Nolting, Senior Pastor—Immanuel Ev. Lutheran Church, Mankato, Minnesota

Rev. Sandra Hovatter- Speaker/ Blogger,  www.apprehendinggrace.com

Mrs. Patricia Punt- Owner, The Writing Company

Mr. Phil Stewart- Ph.D Candidate- in Systematic Theology

Mr. John David Long-Garcia- Managing Editor, The Catholic Sun

Mr. Harold Holmyard, Th.D (Dallas Theological Seminary)

…..& a (former) U.S. Catholic Bishop as well

Best regards, and we look forward to a great finished product in the months ahead!

God Bless,

Ken L.


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