Top10 Christian Biographies: Work Zone Ahead!

We’re happy to announce that writing of the biographies for the Top Ten Christians is underway!

The suspense builds. I am getting questions on the street about the survey results: “I’m curious…Who did make the Top Ten? That should be interesting.”

Ah, yes. And I promise…it is!

Who did make the Top Ten? Which figures had so much impact on Christianity since the Apostles that even the modern American cannot deny it?

Yet, I think the question should run deeper. Why did these people make the final cut?

That is something we can answer. Each biography, now in the researching and writing process, will reveal it. The outcome will be an approachable education for every rookie historian.

Looking back at our “Contributing Writers” list, we are confident that the biographies will result in a fulfilling read. This is one book I will keep on my own shelf for education and reference! And my children, as they grow, will have instant access to an easy-to-read primer on Christian history of the last 1900+ years.

As a homeschooling mom, that in itself is priceless!

Abby Matzke, Co-Author

Homeschooling Mom first, then Editor, Writer


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