Another Quality Writer on the Project!

Thanks goes out to Pastor Norman Greve for stepping in to a vacant position on the writer’s group for the Top Ten Christians project. Rev. Greve is currently pastor at Salem Ev. Lutheran Church in Eagle Lake, Minnesota, where he leads a history-laden Bible study each week to accompany solid preaching. Salem is affiliated with the Church of the Lutheran Confession (CLC).

We greatly appreciate the efforts that this and all the other busy professionals are volunteering to make sure this is an accurate read and informative resource. Though their days are certainly packed with preaching, teaching, leading, writing, studying, and more, they are carving out time to share their talents with those of us who could use this education!

And as a short update: Chapters are starting to come together for editing slightly ahead of schedule! As a relatively new hobby-historian, I am learning much from the biographies that are here. It is also giving me an enlightened perspective on the mindset of the modern American Christian. The results of the list reveal both the issues and the events today’s believer finds important. It reflects much on the culture of our society, giving me much to ponder! I am positive it will do the same for you.

God bless. And to allude to one huge event in Christianity: Happy Reformation Day on October 31!


Part of our “Top 20 Christians” List- released (see below)

The following 5 persons have been chosen and ranked as #’s 16 through 20 in the Top 20 List:
(following is an alphabetical list, not the actual ranking order)
Charles Spurgeon
Joseph Smith
Pope Pius 9th
C.F.W. Walther

*Please note that the criteria for names to be considered was for “self-professed Christians”, hence the inclusion of Joseph Smith in the Top 20 List.

Our rankings are based primarily on a survey which was answered by numerous pastors, writers, and theologians from various denominations and faith walks within the U.S.A.- within both Protestant and Catholic/ Orthodox circles. They were asked for names of those who MOST influenced/shaped today’s Christian America. We also cross-referenced our survey results with some existing published historical listings of significant Christians. The names are not necessarily the “best” or favorite, or “most holy” persons- they merely had the greatest impact on today’s American church.
What do you think of these names being included, and how would you rank them, from 16 to 20 ?
God Bless,