The 14th Most Influential Christian ever is… Pope John Paul II –

As part of our “countdown” to the book launch at the end of February, today we are posting that the recent Pope, John Paul the 2nd, came in at #14 on the ranking of the most influential Christians since the Apostles.

In 1976, he became the first non-Italian born Pope since 1523, a span of 450 years.

John Paul 2nd would become the most traveled Pope in Church history, and declared, in the mid 1980’s, that a new official Cathechism of the Catholic Church must be written.  This was the first definitive collection of the Catholic Christian faith and doctrines since the Baltimore Catechism of 1885.   In addition, the Pope was seen as instrumental in the underlying societal feelings that finally resulted in the fall of communism in Russia and Eastern Europe.

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The 15th Most Influential Christian is….. Martin Chemnitz

As part of our efforts to publish and discuss the Top 10 Most Influential Christians of all time (since the Apostles), we will be posting a “count-down” of sorts.  Last week we listed the 16th- 20th persons from our exclusive survey.

The 15th most influential Christian is German-born Martin Chemnitz, a crucial figure in the 16th century.  As a famous 17th century saying went- “If the second Martin had not come, the first Martin would not have stood.”

Chemnitz studied under Luther as well as Reformation cohort Philip Melancthon, and it was Chemnitz’ mastery of the early Church Fathers that helped the fledgling breakaway group refute the Catholic Church’s Council of Trent.

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The Countdown Begins- #’s 16 through 20

As we move closer to the book launch, we will be posting weekly updates and some of our exclusive rankings/findings of the Most Influential Christians, since the Apostles.  More info on these persons, and on our system/ methodology of the “rankings” themselves will be detailed in our book.

Without further adieu-

#20-  Charles Spurgeon.  Called by many “the prince of preachers”, the famous Baptist preacher of 1800’s England.

#19-  Pope Pius 9th.  Mid 1800’s Pope, who was the longest reigning Pope since the Apostle Peter.

#18-  Joseph Smith.  Founded the Mormons in the 1820’s; alleges to have had a new “revelation” from God.  *We understand Smith is not a Christian, but his name was allowed in our survey because he was a “self-professed” Christian.  It is clear that he has had a significant effect on the U.S. universal church- be it a detriment to Christianity.

#17-  Arius.  A major figure in the 4th Century, who divided many in the Church with his views that Jesus was less than the Father.  The Nicene Creed is a direct response to his incorrect views.

#16-  C.F.W. Walther.  Introduced and led the Lutheran movement in the U.S. in the mid- 1800’s.  President of its seminary for 37 years.


These are our findings, and they are not the direct opinions of book authors Abby Matzke or Ken Lambert.  We are reporting the findings, after our analysis.  We hope that a discussion of these important persons will lead many to explore various aspects and details of the Christian faith.

Let the “debate” begin!

God Bless,

Ken L.