Listen in to “The Christian Perspective” radio program- Jan. 19th

This Thursday- the 19th- at 4pm EST, Ken will be featured on TCP Radio to discuss the book and subject matter.

What is TCP_Radio? The Christian Perspective Radio Program (which is what the TCP in TCP_Radio stands for), is a show hosted by Ben Umnus Tuesday and Thursdays. Ben speaks of the current buzz, political commentary, reflecting on cultural trends, and all that other “important” stuff people like to ramble on about. Nothing is off the table for discussion, conditioned the show remains clean and respectful; TCP Radio though Christian based is friendly to people of all walks of life. TCP_Radio welcomes guest interviews and has had guests such as Ken Ham, Ben Kinchlow, Bruce Marchiano, and Marilyn Hickey on the program. Mr. Umnus also writes various topics (some similar in content to what you may hear on the radio program) including Book and movie reviews, food critiques, sports predictions/commentary, theological discussion, etc. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please let Ben know.

Log in/ listening instructions can be found at-

We are excited to have a conversation with Ben and we welcome any calls from the public. Thanks, and God Bless,

Ken L.


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