Introducing our Cover, and PreOrder/Sales Instructions-

Christians Cover Christians back

Book pre-orders are now available! SAVE $2- $3 off regular S&H fees:

Via Paypal, we are now accepting book preorders for “The Top Ten Most Influential Christians (since the Apostles)”.  Book price is $10.00, and our current shipping and handling cost is $2.00 (to the continental USA).

To preorder, simply log-in to your Paypal account and send a payment ($12.00) to the following email address-based PP account-     The name on the PP account is Ken Lambert/ Abby Matzke.   In the recipient message box, please write- “1 book preorder” and type in your mailing address.  And any other info you would like us to know.  We will take it from there.  If you would like to preorder more than (1) book, please email us directly first and we could likely give more of a discount.

We are doing these preorder sales in this fashion prior to establishing our e-retail links/ bookstores via our Publisher.  Any questions, please email Abby or I.  Thanks for your interest and support.



3 thoughts on “Introducing our Cover, and PreOrder/Sales Instructions-

  1. Hello. Good question.
    If someone wants to do that, please just pay as you normally would (via Paypal etc), and then in the Message to Seller text box- type in your shipping instructions. To Whom, and their address. That should work fine. Thank you,

  2. Thanks, Ken. I liked the cover. I appreciated the way you solved the problem I mentioned about two heads of hair seeming to run together. You matched a beard with a balding head.

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