Book Review from Pastor Fred DeRuvo, Th.D –

The following is a recent review of our book from Dr. Fred DeRuvo, who received an advanced copy.  DeRuvo has authored 17 books in the Christian genre, including titles like “Deceptive Orthodoxy” and “Interpreting the Bible Literally”.

The study of history seems to be waning.  In fact, there are many who seem to delight in redacting history because they don’t like the truth.

Church history is even that much more of a conundrum for people today.  This book- Top Ten Most Influential Christians- rolls back the curtain so that the average individual has one more opportunity to see for themselves the names of those who have changed the course of church history for better or for worse.

One of the points brought out is that “knowledge of Christian Theology is… in alarming decline”.  This sadly is very true.  If the average church-goer had even a rudimentary understanding of the basics within Christianity, including understanding church history, their knowledge and appreciation of God would likely be far greater.

It must have been a very difficult job to whittle all the names down to ten individuals, but this book manages it.  From Emperor Constantine to many others, the lives discussed in this book represent what the book calls true “watershed” events, moments, or scenarios.  We need to remember too, that the book points to those who are “self-professed Christians”, and the influence they also have had on society.

While the first ten chapter take the time highlight individuals, chapter eleven allows the reader to gain understanding in how these rankings were accomplished.

This book is certainly by no means the be-all, end-all of all books on church history- and it does not purport to be that.  What it DOES do is present information to the average layperson in which their appetite for more will come alive!

In the end, Top Ten Most Influential Christians, is a book that I am glad to have added to my library.  It is a worthwhile resource, and one that I will undoubtedly refer to often.

-Dr. Fred DeRuvo


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