Book foreword from Professor Mark Harstad (excerpt)-

The following is a selected portion of the Foreword for “Top Ten Most Influential Christians (since the Apostles)”-

“Many have pointed out that knowledge of History in general among Americans is at an alarming low point. The reasons for the decline may be many…

Knowledge of the basics of Christian Theology is also in alarming decline. Secularized mass education has cut off many from the religious legacy of the western cultural tradition. Large numbers of Americans are now reaching young adulthood without having acquired the most rudimentary knowledge of Bible History, Church History, or the foundational teachings of the Christian faith such as the Trinity, the incarnation, and redemption provided by the Son of God in human flesh.

When we put History and Theology together we have identified an area in which lack of awareness and dearth of comprehension flourish in our culture.

But the faithful have always confronted a world characterized by ignorance and rejection of the things eternal and spiritual. The confessors of the past have ever been lonely voices crying in a barren spiritual wilderness. From faithful Noah with tools in hand building his ark on dry land, to the Prophet Elijah at Mt. Carmel confronting the four hundred prophets of Baal, to St. Athanasius at Nicaea standing against the world, to Dr. Martin Luther at Worms standing in opposition to the might of pope and emperor, the pictures that emerge are remarkable in their similarity.

Here is a work which helps us to move beyond “cursing the darkness.”…. The study of the lives of real people, their struggles, their hopes, their failures and accomplishments, has long been a useful tool in the educator’s toolbox.

The compilers of this book have put into our hands a helpful tool. It will serve to stimulate interest and critical thought, and to introduce young minds to the heritage which has been handed down to us from the past. May it prove to be beneficial to many.”

Professor Mark O. Harstad

Division of Religious Studies

Bethany Lutheran College, Minnesota

Current Courses being taught by Professor Harstad include:

Hebrew 1 & 2 **  Psalms & Wisdom Literature of the Old Testament **  Intertestament Period **  Israels History


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