Web Links for our Book Contributors-

For more information and background on the works of our authors, writers, and contributors to “Top Ten Most Influential Christians”, we offer the following web links that are affiliated with these men and women:

Ken Lambert:  www.believersbay.com

Abby Matzke:  http://www.thebranchesonline.info/

John-David Long Garcia:  http://www.catholicsun.org/

Harold Holmyard:  http://hcsb.org/pages/hcsbpages/About.aspx

Miriam Westen:  http://jesuscaritasest.blogspot.com/

Sandra Hovatter:  http://apprehendinggrace.com/

Nathanael Mayhew:  http://lutheranspokesman.org/author/mayhena/

Philip Stewart:  http://cogitatestheologicae.blogspot.com/

Norman Greve:  (one of numerous pastors at) http://clclutheran.org/

David Nichols:  http://denichols.blogspot.com/

Paul Nolting:  http://www.immanuelmankato.org/staff/

Joel Kutylowski:  www.artbyjoelk.com

**Please note that the links given are just to show some of the Christian or scholarly background of those involved in the book.  The churches, groups, or other organizations noted in the weblinks do not necessarily promote or endorse our Book.

Thank you and God Bless,

Ken L.


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