And the 10th Most Influential Christian ever is- John Wycliffe

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John Wycliffe was probably born in Yorkshire, England about 1320.  He died at Lutterworth in Leicestershire, England on December 31, 1384.

“You call me a heretic because I translated the Bible into the common tongue of the people.  Do you know whom you blaspheme?  Did not the Holy Ghost give the Word of God at first in the mother-tongue of the nations to whom it was addressed?  Why do you speak against the Holy Ghost?”  (Wycliffe)

John Wycliffe has correctly been called the “Morning Star of the Reformation.”  He was a powerful voice that spoke out against the errors being taught in the church.  Through his words and actions Wycliffe paved the way for many other church reformers who would follow in his footsteps, holding to the truth of God’s Word, even in the face of death.  His greatest work was translating the Bible into English.

Wycliffe was recently voted as the tenth most influential Christian (since the Apostles) by a multidenominational group of survey respondents.  Our book will highlight him, as well as the others who have most shaped today’s Christianity.  As always, comments are welcome.




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