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Check out the following link for an excellent 30 minute radio interview with Pastor Fred DeRuvo, Th.D.–top-10-christians-and-revelation

Dr. Fred is a prolific Christian author, and we were glad to be back speaking on-air with him, a second time, about the most influential Christians of all time.


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Co-author Ken Lambert is now a contributing columnist for –  the “fastest growing Christian website” currently.  The news and commentary site is run by Pastor Duke Taber, and has just been named Christian Blog of the Month, by  Ken will be writing about church history, and weaving those storylines into today’s Christian walk.

4 New Book Reviews…

(Authors Note: Our book, both the paperback and the ebook, is now available for purchase via  and .  Thank you.)

We are proud to add the following comments about our book to other recent entries:

“Despite personal opinions one might have about certain theological beliefs as well as the various denominations some may be associated within, I felt this book did a good job of not sounding bias and I think this is a very positive quality. The only thing I wish this book was better about is simply for it to have been a bit longer so I could have learned even more. :)  Based on what I’ve read, I cannot help but believe Top Ten Most Influential Christians is a good, introductory look at various figures within Christian history; especially for those who are beginners.

TCP Book Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.”  – Ben Umnus (host of radio program ‘The Christian Perspective’)

“From heroes to heretics, Ken Lambert and Abby Matzke’s “Top Ten    Most Influential Christians Since the Apostles” lives up to its goal    of answering the question: “Which self-professed Christians have had    the most influence on today’s Christianity? And what happened in    their lives that may have earned them this honor?”  In a clear,    down-to-earth fashion, Lambert and Matzke attempt to make sense of    the messy business that is Church history by sharing the stories of    those who have left a lasting impact upon the face of Christianity.          Designed to serve as a basic introduction to Church history,    the authors have done a phenomenal job of presenting a fair,    balanced picture of Christianity’s legendary figures, leaving    individual readers to draw their own conclusions about the theology    which they espoused.  As such, the book sometimes leaves us with    more questions than answers.  Readers are encouraged to examine    their faith from new angles and ask sometimes difficult questions    about their own beliefs.         I found the book to be a delightful read and can easily    recommend it to anyone who is interested in Church history, but    isn’t entirely certain where to begin.  The book is available for    $9.95 in print edition at    and $4.95 in electronic edition at     To view excerpts and further reviews, please visit: ” – Anna Green (2012 Th.D Candidate, Lighthouse Theological Institute)

“I was pleasantly surprised by what an easy read this was. Not one to love history or the boring details of things and lives, this was well done. It is easy to follow and you all certainly did achieve your goal of not being judgmental of the individuals but only reported on their actions and the resulting influences.  I will certainly encourage a variety of people to read it. This is a great way to get an overview of the history of the people of the church.

This book will undoubtedly become a standard possession for seminary students and pastors as the years go by. It is a blessing to have references to church history and characters without the usual judgments inserted. In an age where public opinion (pooled ignorance) seems to rule the day, this work reports and the reader decides. Well done!”    – Rev. Dr. Paul C. Hunsicker, Sr.

“Ken Lambert and Abby Matzke’s “Top Ten Christians” covers the vast terrain of Christian History in a slim 136 page volume. Admittedly, this was no easy task.

Surveys were sent to “some of today’s Christian thinkers,” writers, preachers, teachers and theologians from various denominations across American. According to Abby: “Those that made the list are not the “best” Christian, they are simply those people viewed as having a greater influence.”

Each chapter is written by a different author and provides an interesting quote, the subject’s main contemporaries, chief mentor(s), and bio.

Among those included are the expected, the unexpected and one still living. The list is dominated by men like the very prolific St Augustine whose influence is still widely acknowledged. Christians of all denominations should welcome this one. Even people who don’t care a whit about religion will find this collection interesting. 

A handy reference addition.” – Patricia Punt (Owner, The Writing Company)

Tune in this Wednesday (4/11) at 4:30 pm EST for discussion with the ACAC

We’ve had some great opportunities to discuss the book and the topic of Christian history, and this continues this coming week on Wednesday afternoon.

We are excited to have an on-air discussion with the Young Adults Director at the Allegheny Center Alliance Church, in Pittsburgh.  The ACAC is a vibrant and well-attended church in the area, and we will be focusing on why it is important that younger adults learn and appreciate the basics of Church history.

To tune-in and call in LIVE, please visit the following link-

On a non-related note, please check out the recent book review by Ben Umnus from the website and radio program- “The Christian Perspective” at-

One last note-  We hope that everyone has a Blessed Easter this weekend.

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The Reviews are IN ! See what others are saying about “Top Ten Christians”-

(Authors Note: Our book, both the paperback and the ebook, is now available for purchase via  and .  Thank you.)

The following are excerpts from a few of the book reviews we’ve received from pastors and other Christian leaders and writers:

“The ‘Top Ten Most Influential Christians’ is an excellent compilation of history. It contains concise but informative snapshots of the lives of people who have changed the way people view the Word of God. It sheds light on the ‘why’s’ of  major and minor divisions in widespread beliefs of Christianity and the men who helped cement religious ways of thinking without author bias. It also goes further and includes more knowledge nuggets with the next 11-20. This easy read is a great reference of history without digging up into volumes of biographies. To know where you are going, this book helps to know where you have been”  –  Rev. Dr. Jeff Lowe  (
“(This) book is just what the busy American  needs to understand and learn about the contributions of Christians from the  past to the present.  In this one book is a portable seminary to the great  Christian thinkers since the Apostles.  As a seminary chancellor I will  recommend this book to our students.  Your book is a blessing.”  – Bishop Maurice McCormick, Ed.D.,SCJ   (Chancellor – Agape Seminary)
“If the average church-goer had even a rudimentary understanding of the basics within Christianity, including understanding church history, their knowledge and appreciation of God would likely be far greater….This book is certainly by no means the be-all, end-all of all books on church history- and it does not purport to be that.  What it DOES do is present information to the average layperson in which their appetite for more will come alive!
In the end, Top Ten Most Influential Christians, is a book that I am glad to have added to my library.  It is a worthwhile resource, and one that I will undoubtedly refer to often.”
– Dr. Fred DeRuvo, pastor and author (Study-Grow-Know Ministries )
More reviews/ quotes will be added as they come in to us.  We’d like to Thank those of you who have taken the time to read and review our book.
Ken L.

Co-author on Christian Apologetics radio show- April 5th

(Authors Note: Our book, both the paperback and the ebook, is now available for purchase via, and .  Thank you.)

“Top Ten Christians” co-author Ken Lambert is pleased to be part of an upcoming talk radio show on Christian apologetics, on Thursday 4/5  at 5pm EST.  See  for more information.  We welcome you to listen in and call in to be part of the discussion.  We will talk about many of the persons who made the “top 10” list, and WHY they made this exclusive ranking.  Would they make your “list”?

This radio program is produced and directed by Pastor Timothy Jefferson, of the Greater Love Outreach Worship Center- in South Carolina.  Thanks for the invite, Pastor Tim!


Ken L.