Tune in this Wednesday (4/11) at 4:30 pm EST for discussion with the ACAC

We’ve had some great opportunities to discuss the book and the topic of Christian history, and this continues this coming week on Wednesday afternoon.

We are excited to have an on-air discussion with the Young Adults Director at the Allegheny Center Alliance Church, in Pittsburgh.  The ACAC is a vibrant and well-attended church in the area, and we will be focusing on why it is important that younger adults learn and appreciate the basics of Church history.

To tune-in and call in LIVE, please visit the following link-


On a non-related note, please check out the recent book review by Ben Umnus from the website and radio program- “The Christian Perspective” at-  http://benumnus.wordpress.com/2012/04/07/top-ten-most-influential-christians-by-ken-lambert-and-abby-matske/

One last note-  We hope that everyone has a Blessed Easter this weekend.

Thank you,



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