Spotlight: Martin Luther, influential Christian-

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Pastor Paul Nolting, contributing writer for our book, expresses his opinions on the man whom he researched:
What is the most inspirational part of Luther’s life, in your opinion?    “I believe that the most inspirational part of Luther’s life was his knowledge of and commitment to the Holy Scriptures as the Word of God.  That knowledge and  commitment are things, unfortunately, shared by fewer and fewer Christians today.  Luther approached the Scriptures as the revelation of God’s truth.  They served as an anchor to his life, the nourisher of his soul, and the source of his great confidence.  Luther knew the Holy Scriptures well, wrote about them extensively, and dedicated his life to furthering their impact upon society.”

Do you think most Christians would benefit in a practical or spiritual way from knowing more about Luther?   “More knowledge of Martin Luther—his life and his writing would benefit people in many spiritual and practical ways.  He wrote for the common man and applied the truths of Scripture in practical ways.  His emphasis on the forgiveness of sins, received by faith alone through the grace of God alone is a great comfort to those troubled by sin and by failure.  His emphasis upon using personal gifts and talents to the glory of God in any and every vocation has widespread implications for every human being.”

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Thank you, and God Bless.


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