A new Review, a Writer’s Opinion, and a Link to controversial leader-

(Authors Note: Our book, both the paperback and the ebook, is available for purchase via www.truthbookpublishersstore.com  and  http://buy.christianbookstoday.org/ .  Thank you.)

First, a short and sweet book review from the director of a christian ministry regarding the urban homeless (2535mainstreet.org), Bob Sweeney-   “Its informative; its succinct.  I loved it”.

Next, we asked Miriam Westen, contributing writer and also editor of http://www.jesuscaritasest.org, to give us her thoughts on Thomas Aquinas-

What did you learn about Aquinas that you had no idea about prior to the project?
I learned how humble St. Thomas was despite his learning and fame. His adherence to the teachings of the Magisterium was also evident from his writings.
Does your impression of the person change at all, after your research and writing?
My impression changed to find a soul of deep, humble and persevering faith and love.
How did your own Faith walk change or become enhanced due to this writing project?
St. Thomas’ angelic qualities inspire my own faith life and call me to be more devoted to Jesus.
What is the most inspirational part of the Aquinas’ life, in your opinion?
The most inspirational part of this person’s life is his humility, kindness and love of God.
Do you think most Christians would benefit in a practical or spiritual way from knowing more about Aquinas?  Christians would benefit from learning more of St. Thomas Aquinas although many of his writings are complex, theologically speaking, he is a shining light of humility and devotion.************************

Lastly, please check out the following link to Taber’s Truths regarding a very influential man who lived pretty recently- and also who made our Book.  The article is written by co-author Ken Lambert-

Thank you, and Blessings.


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