New Book Review, Just In !

Abby and I are glad to relay the following excerpt and link from Mr. Harold Cameron-  a well-respected Christian book reviewer:

“My thoughts about the book: The book Top Ten Christian leaders is a who’s who of individuals who have had a tremendous impact on the Christian faith and the Church. Of course every Christian has their own top ten and the individuals included in this book might be on their list or they might not be. But one thing is for certain the ten people who are included in this book can be considered among the “movers and shakers” of the Christian faith since the Apostles.

The ten individuals written about in ten separate chapters of the book include Emperor Constantine, Athanasius, Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, John Wycliffe, Martin Luther, John Calvin, The Wesley’s, Pope Paul VI, and Billy Graham. In chapter 11 the authors list influential figures 11 through 20. The individuals on that list are Arius, King Henry VIII, Philip Melanchthon, Martin Chemnitz, King James I, Pope Pius IX, Joseph Smith, C. F. W. Walther, Charles Spurgeon, and Pope John Paul II.

In each of the 10 chapters of the book the influential church figure is presented in a biographical or historical narrative form providing insightful and often times interesting information about the individual we would have never known had we not read the book. Comparisons and distinctions are made about certain individuals in the book such as is the case with John Calvin and Luther. It helps us as the reader better understand what the similarities and differences were between the individuals. It makes for a very fascinating read.

This book no doubt will spark some debate or contention because of some of the people who are included in it.

 If you are a church history buff and you like to read about the lives of individuals who in one way or another had a major impact on the church then this is a book you will surely enjoy reading – even if you do not like all of the people who are written about in the book.”

(You can read all of Harold’s review at his link- )

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