Great $ALE, + new biographical article on a key Christian who did NOT make the book-

Just in time for the upcoming Christmas season, we are now offering a great deal for anyone who wants to order 2 books.  SAVE over $7 ! For a limited time !

Via Paypal, we are accepting book orders for “The Top Ten Most Influential Christians (since the Apostles)”.  This special price is $15.00 total for 2 copies, plus a cheap shipping cost of $2.00 (to the continental USA).  That is just $17.00 total.

To order, simply log-in to your Paypal account and send a payment ($17.00) to the following email address-based PP account-     The name on the PP account is Ken Lambert/ Abby Matzke.   In the recipient message box, please write- “November web sale” and type in your mailing address.  And any other info you would like us to know.  We will take it from there.  If you would like to order more than (2) books, please email us directly first and we could likely give more of a discount.


Many Christians believe in, or are aware of, the Calvinist doctrine of “once saved, always saved”.  Co-author Ken Lambert has just published a new article on about the man who debated this stance and declared that Calvin’s views were not tenable or Scriptural.  To read about Jacobus Arminius, please check out the following link-

Arminius did not get voted into the Top 20 most influential Christians, which may seem odd.  In either case, this man and this subject is one that surely deserves more attention and study for any Christian.

Thank you,

Ken Lambert


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