The Reviews are IN ! See what others are saying about “Top Ten Christians”-

(Authors Note: Our book, both the paperback and the ebook, is now available for purchase via  and .  Thank you.)

The following are excerpts from a few of the book reviews we’ve received from pastors and other Christian leaders and writers:

“The ‘Top Ten Most Influential Christians’ is an excellent compilation of history. It contains concise but informative snapshots of the lives of people who have changed the way people view the Word of God. It sheds light on the ‘why’s’ of  major and minor divisions in widespread beliefs of Christianity and the men who helped cement religious ways of thinking without author bias. It also goes further and includes more knowledge nuggets with the next 11-20. This easy read is a great reference of history without digging up into volumes of biographies. To know where you are going, this book helps to know where you have been”  –  Rev. Dr. Jeff Lowe  (
“(This) book is just what the busy American  needs to understand and learn about the contributions of Christians from the  past to the present.  In this one book is a portable seminary to the great  Christian thinkers since the Apostles.  As a seminary chancellor I will  recommend this book to our students.  Your book is a blessing.”  – Bishop Maurice McCormick, Ed.D.,SCJ   (Chancellor – Agape Seminary)
“If the average church-goer had even a rudimentary understanding of the basics within Christianity, including understanding church history, their knowledge and appreciation of God would likely be far greater….This book is certainly by no means the be-all, end-all of all books on church history- and it does not purport to be that.  What it DOES do is present information to the average layperson in which their appetite for more will come alive!
In the end, Top Ten Most Influential Christians, is a book that I am glad to have added to my library.  It is a worthwhile resource, and one that I will undoubtedly refer to often.”
– Dr. Fred DeRuvo, pastor and author (Study-Grow-Know Ministries )
More reviews/ quotes will be added as they come in to us.  We’d like to Thank those of you who have taken the time to read and review our book.
Ken L.

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